Marketing Methods for Commercial Real Estate Leasing

When it comes to promoting a commercial or industrial property for lease, the marketing systems and tools that you adopt today should be optimised and well planned for every promotion. When you really plan the marketing for each and every property then you will reach your target tenants more effectively. Great marketing brings you better enquiry. The success of every leasing agent is built around enquiry and the people that you know.Today the best marketing methods used to lease a property are the technology based ones. The use of smart phones and the tablet computers are taking over the property industry and the way we market property. Think about the technology you are using or you have available now, and you will have a good number of marketing tools to use. Try these for some ideas:
It is simple and cost effective to have an app developed for your agency property marketing. The app can be downloadable for smart phones and tablet devices. You can promote the app from your website and the online app stores.
Get some web domain names that reflect your location and property specialty, then have your web designer point those domain names to your website. It will help lift your identity in the search engines as the local leasing agent.
SMS contact to business leaders with leasing enquiry or new listings is quite effective. You simply need the mobile phone numbers and the approval to send the messages.
Email despatch of listings to your business database should be occurring at least twice a month. Add to the email some commentary on the local property market and any new developments that may be of interest to the business leaders.
Video streaming from your website of good listings is easy to do and cost effective. Simple photographs from the property can be merged into a video that includes feature text labels and music as the photos flip through.
Opt-in forms on your website to capture enquiry can now be streamlined to segment and specialise the enquiry back to your database. All of this can be done automatically; you just need a good web based auto-responder service and they are cheaper than ever before.
Do not overlook the telephone as a business tool. Everyone has one and the use of mobile phones will extend personal contact opportunity. You now have much more reason today to make more telephone calls; there are simply more telephones and mobiles around. Everyone has a mobile phone so make sure you track the contact numbers of all key business leaders and proprietors.
Websites are a part of property and leasing marketing. They have been for some time, but now we have the opportunity to build websites cost effectively for special project leasing. Any building of character or identity that has multiple vacancies over a period of time (like project leasing) should have a website created to support extended marketing information such as pictures, plans, information, downloadable brochures, and enquiry forms.Everyone knows about these tools that we have at our fingertips in the property industry. Many people do not use them to any great extent. Consider your prospects in your leasing market and start to load them into a series of technology based contact tools. Technology can be your friend to market property for lease, if you use it well.

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